Santorini island is a place where island dreams become a tactile reality. The overwhelming natural beauty that prevails throughout the volcanic, rugged landscape, brought about by centuries of incessant weathering, has constituted Santorini a unique destination, not only within the Greece or the Mediterranean, but also the world. The crescent shape, the dramatic Caldera, the volcanic terrain and the colourful beaches form the fundamentals of immaculate visuals and scenic vistas that can only be fully appreciated in person. Santorini is perhaps the most photographed Greek island, however, no photograph can really do it justice. The feeling that is instigated by seeing these incredible natural features up close and personal, is simply indescribable. You actually have to see it to believe it. The clifftop settlements of whitewashed buildings and blue dome churches add an additional touch of Cycladic allure. As you saunter around the quaint, cobblestone streets you discover a new vantage point at every corner, flooding your soul with unprecedented emotions that create an overall sense of awe within you. And there are all sorts of experiences to help you immerse further into the quintessentially spellbinding destination that is Santorini.