Petri Suites Santorini

A unique experience of hospitality

Petri Suites in Santorini is the place where Santor-dreamy holiday experiences are nurtured. Here, you will get to experience a unique sense of hospitality, amplified by elegant surroundings, exemplary interiors and glorious sea views of the island’s less seen side. Located near Santorini’s famous black beach, Perivolos, Petri Suites create a world of Cycladic sophistication for guests to fully revel in the priceless feeling of living the elusive.

The Petri Suites complex consists of 30 splendid suites that have been designed to harbour your most indelible holiday moments. Impeccable design soothes your senses while a plethora of exceptional facilities elevate your stay experience. If you are seeking a holiday home to call your own, in which you can absolutely relax taking in the refreshing Santorinian aura at your leisure, look no further than Petri Suites in Santorini.

The outdoor swimming pool that graces the grounds of Petri Suites will be your oasis of resurgence, evading those languid moments brought about by the Greek summer heat. It is also around this shimmering pool that you will start your day with a delicious breakfast, basking in its replenishing properties with the glistening sea in the background. And as for enjoying the ambiance of the cosmopolitan black beach of Perivolos, it is only 700 metres away.

Petri Suites in Santorini combine the physical elegance that our island is known for, with impeccable services and facilities aimed at making your stay in Santorini truly memorable. In fact, we will provide our guests with a hospitality experience that goes beyond expectation. Our goal is to make your Santorini experience better than you could have ever imagined.

And in case you are wondering about our name, Petri Suites, it is derived from the hometown of the hotel’s owner. Petri village is located in Nemea, in the Greek Peloponnese, and is a renowned destination for its wine tradition. It seemed very fitting to name our Santorini suites Petri, as Santorini is also famous for its delectable wine culture, thus bridging these two common flagships until one roof. That of Petri Suites!


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